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Samsung Linux Printer Driver Install Update

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of January 19th, 1. Join Date Dec Beans This thread is now completely out of date. I no longer plan to update or maintain any aspect of it, or to reply to future posts.

NEW 9 June ! I will continue to monitor this thread, but future updates and time will be focused on the website and associated forums. Simplified the guide posted here to provide only the repository option, all other details pushed off onto the repository website which has been extensively revised and updated. Various minor revisions and updated for newest package versions; extensive website updates.

More revisions, another new set of packages, new forums, and more website updates. The packages released on 28 May 4. You can read about these in your package manager or on the website, under the printing and scanning troubleshooting sections.

I have also updated the troubleshooting and questions on the website to be easier to navigate and more current, hopefully simplifying the process of getting everything running for those who aren't fortunate enough to have it all work immediately. Introduction This guide presents my recommended approach to installing a working driver for your Samsung printer for all Debian-based distributions. If you are looking for alternatives, look here.

Much more information and technical details are available on the my dedicated website for the driver , such as removal of the manually installed drivers and why I do not recommend that you ever install the drivers directly from Samsung. When posting to ask for assistance , you must provide at a minimum your printer model, how it is connected, the specific problem, any error messages you see, which driver you are using and version if the Unified Driver , and how you installed the driver.

And if you aren't using the repository, you are welcome to post but my default response will be to at least try using the repository, and then to help only if that doesn't solve the problem. Without this information, it is unlikely anyone will be able to help you, and your question may well be entirely ignored. I monitor this thread and will respond to public posts although it may take a few days or occasionally weeks ; do not attempt to send me a private message or email.

On the other hand, I don't always know how to solve the problem, which is why I insist on public posts, and other readers are welcome to jump in and help out. Using the Samsung Unified Linux Driver repository This method installs the proprietary Samsung drives while avoiding all the problems associated with the manual installation and allowing you to retain control over exactly what gets installed. For full information, go the repository: The short version meaning that if you run into problems, check the website before posting for assistance to getting it up and running is: Be aware that this is a binary-only repository, although an empty source repository is provided to avoid occasional errors from configurations expecting it to exist.

February 13th, 2. Join Date Feb Beans Hidden! I have done all points with success, but my printer still doesn't work.

When I print it goes always on pause, and nothing appens.. Do you know what it could be? February 15th, 3. Originally Posted by dav3c. February 16th, 4. See the image below: February 17th, 5. Join Date Nov Beans February 18th, 6. I'm talking about a little red line that appears when printing which says my printer is in pause.

February 18th, 7. I have the same printer on XP on two different PC and it works greatly. It does not print the test page. Hi, thanks for the help man, but I'll understand if you are bored I do have a firewall.

I tried to disable it, but nothing change Thanks again, Ciao ciao. February 18th, 8. Finally is just like every time I can't print on IPP printer. If your printer or MFP is one of the following models: Please, use socket or LPD ports instead to connect to these models.

Thank you anyway for your help. February 18th, 9. I will update my original post to reflect the problems and solution you have had. February 21st, Join Date Jun Beans Hidden! Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The time now is For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.

Samsung Linux Printer Driver

Samsung Xpress M2026W Printer Drivers (Windows – Mac, Linux)

Samsung CLP reviews — CLP is a colour laser printer designed for home or small office users capable of printing on media such as labels, stock cards, envelopes, transparencies, plain paper, and other compatible, versatile printers to suit a wide range of your different needs. The printer measures This printing device is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. The CLP produces high-quality documents with resolutions of up to x dpi using a technology system of four toner cartridges black, cyan, yellow and magenta. While the heating is very easy and fast only 14 seconds. This machine has a slow speed, to print black and white documents about 16 pages per minute, and colour documents are very slow about 4 pages per minute.

Samsung CLP-310 Driver & Software Download (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Samsung Linux Printer Driver

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of January 19th, 1. Join Date Dec Beans This thread is now completely out of date.

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