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By thunderhead, August 8, in Support Discussion English. I will have to remove Vista and install Windows XP Professional with SP2 on the laptop because I will be using it for academic purposes, and my university has complete support only for the latter.

I was looking for a 32 bit Windows XP driver for my video card. Is that driver sufficient as a substitute I am willing to take an acceptable performance hit?. If there is a mod available here, could you please guide me on how to download and install it I am a complete novice to rigging and modding: Now you can find the As this topic gets some more posts somebody with the same graphics card is bound to test some drivers and post feedback as well.

You should know that the latest drivers are not always the best to use, although with an 8 series card you will probably be exclusively using 1xx. That is just the driver you mentioned, if you found it on nvidia's driver release site that is usually an indication of a good driver.

You shouldn't encounter any serious issues, your just replacing the INF that contains instructions on how to install the driver for your card, your not modding the driver. Now things like the xtreme G drivers, if you were to get those, the actual driver files are usually modified. There might be a special new version somewhere else for your notebook though, you might want to search for fangui and your notebook model.

You could also search for nvtweak, and tvtool, those are also good programs to have that you might want to use. As for other drivers from nvidia, the only think you could install in addition to that with be 3D stereo drivers. To use those you have to find the driver on nvidia's site and it HAS to match the driver you have installed.

Nvidia does not update the stereo drivers very often, so most likely you will have to downgrade if you want to try those, but you might want to get a hold of some 3D glasses first. Some don't work on standard lcd panels, so do some research before you buy anything expensive.

I will probably go for dual homemade polarized High Definition projectors in a few years or so for a proper 3D setup. Last you should remember we will not hold your hand here, you need to test drivers and things on your own, read FAQs before asking too many questions.

This reminds me, I should do a 3D stereo FAQ topic someday, for all 5 of the members here that use stereo. I understand that modding the INF simply changes the instructions to make the video card compatible with the OS and the laptop device [Am I correct?

Once I'm done with the installation and modding of the driver, can I get rid of the extracted folder? About holding hands, I really am paranoid about doing stuff to the hardware of the notebook, because I depend on it critically for all academic purposes. So I just want to get things absolutely straight before venturing out and doing anything. Also, I'm heavily constrained for time: BUT i found this link.

All of those drivers are available on this site with modified INFs to enable some features and to let them work with all video cards. I hate to say this but you really didn't have to downgrade. And if your university doesn't have Vista on their list then make them start testing things and do your own part by testing things as well and let them know what works and what doesn't work. I was quite surprised at The other two were with modded INFs I found on here.

I have the same problem you do. I installed XP Professional and now I can't get a lot of drivers for it. Dell and Nvidia have been no help so far in figuring out the correct drivers. I still have yet to find a suitable driver for the WLAN card. If I were you, I would give Nvidia a call and see if they could help you. Just installed R According to spec at dell it actually supports M Just install driver from rapid link, work perfectly. Now just to solve prorlem with Bluetooth and card reader 5 in 1 and expansion card, and that will bi all.

O, hp pavilion dvev, model. I had a friend do the Vista to XP "downgrade" for me about a year ago. I recently started having problems computer rebooting itself, colored stripes, white lines on the screen etc.

For the downgrade the driver used was the R whose version notes only reference Vista no support for XP. After reading this forum I downloaded the R driver from Dell which specifically says it supports the M and XP. My apologies if this is a poorly framed question. This is not my forte. Thanks for any help you can provide. Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, the problem persists. Rather my GeForce M is faulty.

A problem was discovered in the and line related to overheating issues. This is what caused the screen and mysterious reboot problem. Dell offered a fix for several models experiencing the same problem http: This is more of a bandaid than a fix since the revised BIOS A12 for the M simply makes your fan run more to mitigate the underlying heat issue. Obviously, this drains your battery faster too though. This may prolong the life of the GPU however, since it's not a fix you run the risk of it dieing anyway only now your warranty may have expired.

Luckily, mine has not expired. I just wanted to give an update for those who, like me, wrongly attributed this issue to the driver. I have downlowded the driver but there is no inf file in it and I cant find where to download the inf files from. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Support Discussion English Search In. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted August 8, So my queries are: Thanks for your help in advance.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. That is a desktop driver, it has to be modified to properly function on your laptop card s. If that or another driver works well, please tell us about it here. Posted August 8, edited. Hey, Thanks for your reply. I will try out the same ASAP and get back. Hopefully it'll work smoothly. Meanwhile, I just want to ask the following: Why are you recommending I get the Why not any of the later ones? Will I encounter any serious issues on doing this?

Are there any additional things I need to download in order to install this driver? Thanks a ton again. Edited August 8, by thunderhead. You might want to check out this program. Posted August 9, edited.

Appreciate your help once again. Edited August 9, by thunderhead. Posted August 15, Posted September 6, My favorites so far are Posted September 8, Thanks for your inputs folks: Posted September 12, Posted September 20, Hey Lads, the driver you are hardly lookinf for is available on this link is as follows http: Posted September 22, Posted November 1, Posted March 2, I had same problem and it solved by intsalling this magic driver on XP http: Posted May 28,

Geforce 8400 Gs Driver Xp Free Download

nvidia geforce 8400 gs driver

Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. View More Photo Galleries. Essentials Only Full Version. In know this is the general forum, but I didn't know where else was appropriate. That card is not listed in the driver download section. The only hit I could get is here:

NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS Drivers Download

Geforce 8400 Gs Driver Xp Free Download

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