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Lexmark Optra M410 Printer Driver Install Update

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Take the paper that is in the tray out and place in the correct Letter sized 8. Service Fuser Error appears when the fuser does not warm to the required temperature. For this error on this Lexmark model, the manual states you should power off the printer and power it back on, and if it is not plugged into a wall power point, change it to a power point mounted directly on the wall.

Personally, I never got a Lexmark printer to work doing this, but this is in the manual. If this won't help, and the printer is under warranty, you should log it in with the servicing company. Leave the printer off for at least seconds before turning it back on. This gives the printer's engine board a chance to reset. Make sure printer is plugged in straight to the wall, bypass any surge device or power strips as this can cause a low amperage problem in your printer which can trigger a false fuser error.

If this does not help, you'll probably need service on the machine since it deals with the LVPS, the fuser and the system board. A fuser is a FRU and as such should only be reolaced by a factory trained technician.

Plase place a service call. Parts of the cartridge can go bad even though the cartridge itself still has ink in it. First, make sure the printer power is off and remove the RIP board. When you turn the printer back on, the only option on the display will be to perform the test. Pressing the button next to that begins the test. The page that comes out should have just a lot of lines printed on it. If this does not print or is somehow messed up, then the problem must be with the engine board.

Please keep in mind that this test cannot be considered to be conclusive but it can be used to make an educated guess about which component is failing.

When the printer beeps five times and the operator panel is blank, there are several things that might cause this. You probably had a tray stop not striking the sensor plate properly and by removing and reinstalling the tray you made better contact. James you can print a config sheet and check the paper size settings. The tray size settings are assigned automaticaly by the paper tray, notice on the left side of the tray you will see plastic stops that are configured by moving the backstop from size to size.

You also have a metal contact asym inside the unit that is activated by these stops. Only the stops that stay out will activate a size. We have seen the contact plate become bent for some reason or another. Also have seen the tray size guide become dislodged,the Green slot in backstop underside of tray should lock into the stop asym slide. Some times when customers add paper to the tray they will accidently knock the backstop out of possition.

Look at the paper menu settings make sure the size matches the size in the tray. Also look at the mp feeder, is it set to first or cassette. If set to first it will try to print from tray 1 when it thinks paper is present.

Open your tray one and look on the left side you will see a flag that is pushed forward when paper is inserted. It should swing forward and backward freely if not you will have to re-adjust till it does.

If you still can't find the problem you should look at the paper size of the document trying to be printed if it doesn't match one of the sizes available or one of the types listed this is the problem. You can also turn on the substitute size in the paper menu. If this is the case contact me and I can give you further instructions for this problem. This pad prevents the printer from feeding multiple pages. It is located in the inside front of the paper tray Assembly. Error codes , , and may display for a cold fuser failure.

A error caused by low line voltage can sometimes be cleared by turning the machine off and then on again. Manually spin the fan and check that it rotates freely. Check the cable connection to the engine board, J13 for correct installation. No matter what is the reason that paper doesn't reach the sensor your printer will indicate that there is "no paper". You should check is something preventing transport system even to reach the level of paper.

In the case of Lexmark E or E printers, for example, two wheels with black rubbers rotating around common axis are pushing the paper. When you pull out the paper tray the transport system with rollers can be seen from the bottom side of the printer. If the rollers are not laying on the surface of the paper they can not push it inside the printer.

If you are sure that it is not the case the next thing you should check is the rubbers mentioned above. They must be clean enough to have efficient traction with paper. You should take the rubbers off the wheels, wash them with water and soap, rinse them and thoroughly dry.

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Lexmark Optra M410 Printer Driver

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Lexmark Optra M410 Printer Driver

Automates many printer configuration tasks. These functions can also be called from within a script or a command-line batch file, or they can be run interactively from the command prompt. For examples of how this command can be used, see Examples. I'm guessing you will need to match up the file name there with what you know about the lexmark The file names are long and confusing in the driver store. But all the inf files are there. Where did you find it?

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