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Download Via Audio Driver For Windows 7 Install Update

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Tech Support - dedicated to solving problems and helping others out. Noticed that the default drivers windows installs for it are completely fucked. Enhancements don't work at all, and it keeps defaulting to headphones front jack even when you only have speakers plugged in. I could not get this to work for the life of me. Worked on it for at least 45 minutes with rollbacks, uninstalls, reinstalls, etc. Select "High Definition Audio Device", reboot and everything should work again if nothing else worked.

I was getting frustrated. The speakers still have quite low volume, but switching between headphones and speakers works.

Thanks so much for sharing this. This particular issue switching between speakers and headphones was bugging the hell out of me. Your suggestion worked like a marvel. Source switching now works as expected, where the Via HD drivers wouldn't. Spent a long time trying to find Win 10 drivers for my Vivobook's internal speakers, and this comment got live audio with like 4 minutes' worth of troubleshooting. Dude, thank you so much for sharing this!!

It experiences similar problems to what you describe: This driver didn't fix that exactly, but the HD Vdeck application will run now would not launch before and I was able to mute the speakers, and my headphones work properly.

I never used the speakers anyway, so this is a great improvement for me. Here is an update for anyone who finds this while searching for help. I still ended up having problems with this driver, but your tip about uwshowhide. I've had a G75VW for years now and the audio drivers have always been screwed up until literally right now. I've never been able to find much support but i just upgraded to Windows 10 today and this finally fixed it. Thanks for the help guys. Wanna know how jacked up the sound is on the G75VW?

All I'm doing is reading about driver fixes and my sound stops not even kidding Ok so after a lot of problems, I finally made this work. So, first of all , I don't know what is that program you MUST install in order to download the drivers, because after I install it, my desktop goes all black and my taskbar disappears and I can't do anything but restart the PC. Tried it 2 times. So there it is , after a long search I could find the drivers here.

Much easier to download, no stupid programs - http: All 5 channels now work properly. Thanks for the post. I'm not entirely sure what program you're referring to Are you talking about the megasync ad? If so, there's a link right under it that says "download through your browser.

This is the only driver that works for me. HDaudio deck boot ups, but don't work. You have to manually do the settings bass management, room correction from sound.

There's new VIA drivers released Jan Had to remove all traces of earlier drivers though, including "hidden" ones in Device Manager. I also used the MS-program in the initial post to prevent future updates. Here's the page with generic VIA drivers: A more direct link: I installed the latest Windows 8. No more disabling enhancements message and the equalizer works perfectly.

Also I can unify output for speakers and headphones, which makes it less complicated to choose sound-output destination using the VIA HD Audio Deck settings - use the advanced options with the screw driver symbol. The settings influence the ability to install drivers at all and whether windows decides to update them on non-individual measures - you might need to rollback drivers in case windows eruates to have a newer better suited driver which possibly doesn't work too.

Possibly disabling Windows Update driver updates here prevents installation of newer defective drivers. In case this doesn't work you still have to rollback unwanted newer drivers. Uninstall non-working drivers check to delete source too. After the last driver the system will switch to the MS generic HD driver the source of which you cannot delete , Then install the 8. Just signed up because the download link seems to be missing [least for me] and other links slightly confusing so to save others getting it from shady sources here is direct download link from VIA.

To get this link yourself go to the following page http: Also big thanks to OP, I originally used this page 2 months ago but I just just reinstalled and I'd lost the driver package. Hopefully here it is to stay. The download link is gone because I realized it was no longer necessary to download them as well. All non-Windows 10 specific drivers error out when they're attempting to load, which causes Windows to default onto generic sound drivers. I noticed this and altered my original post to reflect this; you only need to uninstall all VIA specific stuff and then block out the updates and it should work fine.

I'd assume the via drivers either instruct or set perimeters or something like this for the windows drivers to work with their full features due to the fact I have both loaded..? I'm not very technical so I don't really know exactly how it all works..

You ask how do I know? Well because I am using my old as hell netgear WG usb wifi adapter with these exact drivers posted up in when Win10 was just a glint in old billy goat gates eyes http: So couple that with the fact I have version 6. If you want a screenshot just let me know. Anyways, I do kinda need the vdeck installed and working since I commonly swap between having 5. And with those drivers you originally posted everything works beautifully.

This works but my sound on Windows 8 was a lot better than it is now, I can hardly hear the bass even after fiddling with the sound enhancers. Has there been any progress on fixing this? I want to know if I need to return these headphones. They're super comfortable but I just can't listen to them without getting a headache. I think I fixed it by enabling bass boost and virtual surround sound, well mostly. It's still not perfect. Thanks for the tips. I actually had to physically remove the drivers in Win 10 safe mode, THEN blacklist, and finally the rollback.

All is good with my Windows 10 detecting my headphones and adjusting the audio appropriately. Yeah, took me a while to figure it out myself with the latest update. They made it even more of a pain in the ass to circumvent. Yeah it's a royal pain in the ass. If you have a moment to update the OP I'm sure it'll help a few others too. Never buying another board with this shit on it ever again.

Fucking mediocre at best anyhow. Now, 5 months into Windows 10 going live and still not a single update to their driver. Shit software, shit drivers.

In hindsight I should have elaborated a bit more, I threw this together hastily based on some information I had provided a friend who has the same specs as I do.

I had originally gotten it from station-drivers. I upgraded to Windows 10 from 8. Then I installed the v I've tried your procedure and the driver you provided works with the speaker output, but it not with the digital one SPDIF.

I think it doesn't even detect the cable is plugged in at least with that driver I can start HD VDeck and see that. This fixed most of my issues, though I still have to manually switch headphones to default device to get them to work. But at least they work! I made a video for it as well. Can't promise it will bring back spdif but ever since I posted it I have seen the same post pop up a lot but very cut down versions.

Download Via Audio Driver For Windows 7


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Download Via Audio Driver For Windows 7

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