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High Definition Audio Device Driver Windows 8 64 Bit Download Install Update

Most on-the-motherboard audio devices support the Intel High Definition Audio standard. This driver is designed specifically for the hardware it runs on as opposed to being designed to the standard and so it comes with additional functionality. Occasionally, for troubleshooting purposes, it is useful to switch from one driver to the other Expand the "Sound, video and game controllers" node and note the list of audio devices.

If the device name included a company name, I would infer that I had a vendor driver installed. Windows offers to automatically detect the driver that should be installed. No thanks, we want to pick a particular driver:. Windows asks where we want to look - do we have a set of driver files, or is the driver already in the list of installed drivers? In this case, we want to look at the list of drivers for this hardware that are already installed.

Windows shows us a list of drivers that are already installed and usable for this hardware. At this point you would expect to see two drivers listed: If your audio device was in use , you may get the "you have to restart" message. If you got the "you will need to restart" message, Windows helpfully offers to restart right away.

Make sure you're ready for a restart no unsaved documents or anything and restart either by clicking "Yes" or by using the Start menu. When you're done experimenting, you can go back to the vendor-supplied driver by going through the same steps and choosing the vendor-supplied driver in the list of drivers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It might be worth a try to download and reinstall that. Is there some way to switch mic inputs from jack to built in mic.

I'm using hi def audio device drivers. The original driver was system speaker but it used the microsoft driver And it did not work. I do not know when it stopped working. But It must have been some Microsoft update i guess. Thanks Matt-this worked perfectly! Just updated to Windows 10, no sound at all through speakers after update, though did have sound through headphones. Followed the above and works!

Worked for me also. I upgraded a 8. I did my 7 computer which I thought had identical hardware it did not , no sound. Your solution did the trick. Evidently Realtek does not have a workable driver for sound.

The microsoft driver at least gets the sound back. Anyone got a solution. HDMI drivers are part of the vidoe chipset or video card manufactures supplied driver package. Hi, unfortunately this still hasn't worked for me. Any additional help on this? Resolved sound issues after upgrading from Windows 7 on 64 bit PC, configured with 5.

Had very LOW volume…. Had audio prior to installing windows Followed your instructions and searched both ways 1. Browse my computer for driver software.

Was getting really annoyed and trying lots of different ideas from web and then came across your post. And yes it worked… brilliant I have sound at last. Thank you so much. Just got around to trying this 'fix'on my Dell laptop with Windows 10 recently installed. Microphone not working since the Upgrade, so desperate to try anything at the moment. My voice on a test message can just be heard at full volume, but not good enough to use in a say Skype conversation.

Sorry Matt to be an odd one out, but I followed your plan and re-started my PC. It did nothing, the computer said that the best software is already installed and the device is working properly and yet I have no sound whatsoever. I have sound and it took less than 5 minutes. Had problem with Windows 10 Audio worked for the first 4 days and then just stopped. Updated Driver didn't work, but this did. Thanks for the info. Thank you so much! Sound quality isn't as good but it works! I've just installed Windows 10, and like many other people, the sound wouldn't work with either of the vendor-supplied drivers, even updated why is this?

It seems shady; there's a reason I bought this particular computer with its particular features like sound and graphics. At least now I can hear! Thank you for the great tutorial. I found it most helpful when upgrading from Windows 7 and installing the necessary driver to get my sound working on my HP Envyt. Have a question, even though the sound works, after installing Windows 10 I have noticed a substantial reduction in volume from my speakers.

Is there a way to fix this? This didn't work for me. I have the same situation with no sound. My computer is only a year old as well. Upgrade to Windows System has multiple audio outputs, and the update switch to the one I am not using. Change the sound control panel settings and got audio working again. This FIX works as stated for me. Much thanks, after all what good is Multimedia without the Audio. Thank you so much, this has resolved my issue with no sound on the pc following upgrade to windows I was very frustrated after installing windows 10 and finding i had no sound.

Finally found your solution. Unfortunately, this did not work for me. I upgraded to Windows 10 last night and have not had any sound ever since. Very frustrating as my problem is not addressed which is sound from the browsers and test buttons but not from VLC or Windows Media Player. My girlfriend has been going crazy because her brand new PC's sound would not work. I've searched all over the net and this is the only solution that has worked.

I'm so relieved — I got speaker sound back on my Dell N Intel i5 after it suddenly stopped working yester. I've had windows 10 for a month or so now so I'm not sure if it's related, but I need audio for my work so I was very pleased to see that this solution has worked to resolve the issue.

Followed your instructions, however, my computer said that Windows has found that you have the best driver already installed for this device? So this didn't work for me.

At last, something that finally works!! I have spent hours reading crap and going round in circles!! Many thanks to you. I had the same problem after a windows 10 update and after following these instructions, I've now got sound again! Thanks a million for this fix. Had a Microsoft guy spending 2 hours last night trying to fix and eventually he gave up.

Tried this myself today and worked straight away! Finally I could make the sound to work, previously I spent hours looking for a solution neither one worked. Thanks, I didn't know what to do and kept looking for solutions to get my sound back, not being very computer savvy I followed your instructions and I know have sound again.

Windows 10 has just installed lengthy updates had at least two coffees while waiting. As a result there was no sound. Followed your clear instructions and all is right again. Many months of searching and following so called fixes bear no fruit. This however, did the trick. I had to right click and delete my driver and then I had to rescan my computer for an audio device. It recognized and reinstall the driver and it then started working. I just had to learn the windows 10 version of doing it.

Always the fun of a new OS, how to fix old problems in a new format.

High Definition Audio Device Driver Windows 8 64 Bit Download

Realtek HD Audio Codec Driver 2.73 for Windows 8/7/Vista 64-bit

None of the above has gotten rid of the yellow exclamation mark off the device under the device manager view. I had a few other devices where Win 10 didn't install by default, and for those Win 7 drivers seems to work fine, so I'm assuming the same will be true with the one above - I just need to know what to install Next, download and save the Intel graphics driver from your notebook's support page. Do not run it. Select the Browse my computer for driver software option and browse to the driver folder 7-zip created. Message 1 of 4. Microsoft Windows 10 bit. Any help would be appreciated. I have the same question. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

Troubleshooting: how to install the Microsoft HD Audio class driver

High Definition Audio Device Driver Windows 8 64 Bit Download

Get offline standalone setup direct download link of Realtek High definition audio driver for windows bit PC. Every device needs driver to execute properly, for this you have to download device drivers from vendor website, Or you can use good driver updater software to install device drivers on your computer. Remember those days you have to search for windows device drivers such as audio driver, Graphics Drivers, etc. Finding out exact drivers for your device was not child play. Users spend their precious time in finding out latest device drivers. Realtek HD Audio drivers pack has been remarkable package which can be used to solve all problems related to HD audio drivers. It is simple to download from our website, it supports 32 bit and 64 bit windows Operating system. Realtek HD audio drivers render high definition audio quality, you will experience true gaming experience while enjoy loud game audio after installing drivers. How was your experience on Softlay? Best Free Driver Updater Software

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