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How much video ram do I need? Not the best Pimpiklem Senior Member Posts: What a utter joke. Strange Brigade well wow you have really been working very hard this month well done. Raider Senior Member Posts: RzrTrek Senior Member Posts: Fox Senior Member Posts: I don't see any of it being mentioned in the release notes? Also I don't understand why they won't release a "game ready" driver for the latest F1 game?

GlennB Senior Member Posts: Think because the game is just a reskin of F1 with minor tweaks at best. Eastcoasthandle Senior Member Posts: Is this a 1st because I don't recall doing this on a sunday.

I can only assume that the driver dept. Is there a link to AMD website? I just visited there and didn't see. KissSh0t Senior Member Posts: It's just a beta driver, don't have a cow, man! Sure, there are a few games here and there that don't yet work, but they're all old stuff that I haven't played in years anyway and I'm not to sure if I'll ever play them again, anyway. However, at least of everything that worked, I was able to get 60FPS and everything felt very smooth.

Unfortunately, most of the games that have external DRMs were the ones that didn't run. Valve pointed out that this was probably going to happen. I'm sooo close to getting FarCry 3 to run, but I can't get Uplay to sign me in. Proton is a bit different from "vanilla Wine" what a weird sounding drink lol in the sense that it's more multi-threaded and uses different libraries to handle things like DirectX.

This gives it a major performance boost. Theoretically, Linux will always have some performance loss compared to Windows when using something like Proton or Wine, because clock cycles are wasted on the compatibility layer.

Furthermore, you don't get any of the application profiles that the Windows drivers come with although if you use Nvidia, their closed-source drivers might actually have some. This performance advantage could "level the playing field".

TL;DR When it works, performance is adequate, but if you're a competitive gamer and care about stuff like response time, you should probably stick with Windows. I've heard how there are times where game are unplayably slow or have major visual glitches, but I don't consider that working. NvidiaFreak Senior Member Posts: Noisiv Senior Member Posts: You play the games that you CAN play. Which is not as bad as it sounds, as we have too many games to begin with. JonasBeckman Senior Member Posts: There's a slight performance hit and depending on drivers some support problems or bugs could crop up as well but the latest changes to AMD and Linux seems to be improving things overall little by little for Vulkan and also OpenGL.

As for this I switched since a thunderstorm yesterday gave some free time so I de-dusted the PC and installed the driver and gave it a go, it's still doing that PCI-E filter install which gave the audio card a bit of a problem but a reboot resolved it and so far the driver is pretty much working same as Some profile tweaks too but I don't have Crossfire so not something I can test either and the profile file is only part of the whole, driver itself could have other changes too.

From searching around a bit AMD works on a big driver that is released on December, so you are completely right. Probably there is just one rookie dev doing the game support while the rest of the team is working hard on finishing the features of next big bomb driver. Do they have an schedule now??? Oh wait, they do! Add the new hardware support like Ray Tracing and AI that no older card will support.

That one was worth a sustained chuckle or two. Also, obviously, not all new games require new driver releases, etc. There are a few separate teams at work for a driver. BReal85 Senior Member Posts: NV driver history of the past months: NV is producing some major BS drivers in the last 1, years. Click here to post a comment for this file on the message forum.

Amd Driver 8.11 Free Download

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How much video ram do I need? Not the best Pimpiklem Senior Member Posts: What a utter joke.

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Amd Driver 8.11 Free Download

This early access driver is being provided for users who have had issues launching a small number of DirectX 9 based games. This alpha driver has not been fully tested by AMD and is not recommended for general use. Looking for the download? When using Radeon Overlay on system configurations with the latest Windows 10 October Update some users may experience intermittent instability or game crashes. Radeon RX Vega Series graphics products may experience elevated memory clocks during system idle. Fortnite may experience lighting corruption when effects quality is set to High or Epic.

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